• Why Recycled Plastic is Better
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Extremely Durable
  • Long Lasting
  • No Maintenance Required

Benches and Seating

We have a fantastic range of recycled plastic seats and recycled plastic benches available in various styles, shapes and sizes. All our seats and benches are ideal for a various different locations such as parks, schools, nurseries , workplaces or gardens. As an added bonus we offer free delivery to all UK Mainland addresses.

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  1. Winawood Sandwick 2 Seater Bench
  2. Winawood Sandwick Loveseat
  3. Captain's Treble Seat
    25 Year
  4. Park Seat with Back
    25 Year
    Park Seat with Back

    Solid, sturdy and durable park seat which lasts a lifetime, maintenance free

    As Low As £315.00
  5. Hyde Park Bench
    Hyde Park Bench

    Modern design bench available with or without back

    As Low As £350.00
  6. Adirondack Chair and Footstool
    25 Year
  7. Junior Seat
    25 Year
    Junior Seat

    Great for any outdoor area, manufactured from 100% recycled plastic with a galvanised steel frame

    As Low As £270.00
  8. Backless Bench
    25 Year
  9. Captain's Chair and Table Accessories
    25 Year
  10. Curved Bench
    25 Year
    Curved Bench

    Curved Bench, perfect on its own or part of our stylish dining set

    As Low As £165.00
  11. Designed for Little Ones Recycled Sloper Seat
    25 Year
  12. Designed for Little Ones Recycled Plastic Chair
    25 Year
  13. Premium Backless Benches
    25 Year
  14. Seat with Back
    25 Year
    Seat with Back

    Great value for money seating option, easy to clean and low maintenance

    As Low As £280.00
  15. Captain's Double Seat
    25 Year
    Captain's Double Seat

    Stylish bench with arms, perfect for any garden, park or playground

    As Low As £190.00
  16. Captain's Chair
    25 Year
    Captain's Chair

    High quality, attractive seat perfect for any parks, gardens or playgrounds

    As Low As £170.00
  17. Bosun's Chair
    25 Year
    Bosun's Chair

    Attractive seat- durable, hardwearing and perfect for any application

    As Low As £190.00
  18. Adult Seat
    25 Year
    Adult Seat

    Robust, durable and manufactured from 100% recycled plastic

    As Low As £505.00
  19. Captain's Junior Seat
    25 Year
  20. Junior Backless Benches
    25 Year
  21. Buddy Benches and Seats
  22. Mini Beast Themed Bench
  23. Double Sided Star Seat
  24. Outdoor Desk/ Spectator Table
  25. Chalk Face Play Bench
  26. Metal / Concrete Benches & Seating
  27. Children's Seats and Benches
    25 Year
  28. Bosun's Double Seat
    25 Year
    Bosun's Double Seat

    Complement your outdoor area with this hardwearing, stylish seat

    As Low As £320.00
  29. Back to Wall Bench
    25 Year
  30. Perth Deluxe Backless Bench
  31. Hyde Park Connection / Extension Modules
  32. Paisley Bench
    Paisley Bench

    Elegant bench which fits into any environment and satisfies for years

    As Low As £760.00
  33. Arran Round Bench
  34. Lerwick Round Bench
  35. Planters with Bench
    25 Year
    Planters with Bench

    Our new planters with integrated seating; perfect for schools, gardens & courtyards

    As Low As £415.00
  36. Ardvasa Round Bench
  37. Jersey Bench
    25 Year
    Jersey Bench

    Great for surronding trees and available in bespoke sizes

    As Low As £1,050.00
  38. Iona Bench
    Iona Bench

    Creative modular bench which connects planters between seating

    As Low As £655.00
  39. Oakfield Seat
    Oakfield Seat

    Contemporary attractive design available with or without back

    As Low As £550.00
  40. Nantwich Bench and Table
  41. Ullswater Bench and Table
  42. Tree Benches
    Tree Benches

    Benches which circle round trees, creating a communal focal point

    As Low As £2,315.00
  43. Ascot Seat
    Ascot Seat

    Heavy duty bench is hardwearing and vandal resistant

    As Low As £850.00
  44. Exeter Bench
    Exeter Bench

    The classic park bench, available in a range of vibrant colours

    As Low As £465.00
  45. Dorchester Bench
    Dorchester Bench

    Fantastic bench is a great space saving solution

    As Low As £430.00
  46. Chichester Seat
    Chichester Seat

    Classic style park or garden bench - easy to clean and low maintenance

    As Low As £570.00
  47. Learning Curve
    Learning Curve

    Fantastic Learning Curve benches, great for outdoor learning

    As Low As £575.00
  48. Learning Arena
    Learning Arena

    Promote outdoor learning with this fantastic Learning Arena

    As Low As £1,290.00
  49. Zigzag Bench
    Zigzag Bench

    Multi-coloured Zigzag bench great for brightening any park or playground

    As Low As £260.00
  50. Spiral Bench
    Spiral Bench

    Fun, innovative seating, great for parks and playgrounds

    As Low As £340.00
  51. Modular Play Seating
    Modular Play Seating

    Versatile play seating, arrange the modules to create your own configurations

    As Low As £330.00
  52. Winchester Park Bench
  53. Jigsaw Table and Bench Set
  54. Eclipse Seat
    Eclipse Seat

    Solid and durable seating – ideal for parks, gardens and schools

    As Low As £460.00
  55. Somerton Seat
    Somerton Seat

    Robust and sturdy bench will blend in perfectly with your external surroundings

    As Low As £630.00
  56. Skateboard Bench
    Skateboard Bench

    A great bench for skate parks and waiting stands

    As Low As £410.00
  57. Farm Animal Themed Bench

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