When considering outdoor furniture the benefits of recycled plastic far outweigh the traditional timber alternative. Considering both financial and environmental factors, recycled plastic is considerably superior to its timber or metal equivalents.

Why Recycled

Historically plastic is an extremely useful and versatile material. However it is often stigmatised for its association with everyday litter. In the last 30 years plastic has grown to become an essential part of modern life, we now use approximately 20 times more plastic than we did 50 years ago. Traditional materials are increasingly being replaced with recycled plastic because it does the job better, cheaper, using less energy and water and emits lower levels of CO2 in its production.

Why Recycled Bottles

Plastic is largely manufactured from oil, therefore it should be treated as a precious resource and not merely a nuisance in our landfill sites. Unlike many other products, plastics can be recycled several times, for countless applications, so it is important they are not wasted.

Why Recycled Granules

Here at VP Recycled Plastic, we manufacture all of our products from 100% Recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Typically used to manufacture everyday products such as water bottles, plastic bags and bottle lids. When recycled it is an extremely hardwearing, versatile material that makes an excellent replacement to wood for multiple reasons. See the table below that compares the key advantages of using recycled plastic, compared to timber.

TimberRecycled Plastic
Maintenance FreeIt is essential you give your timber products an annual paint/ stain or varnish to preserve the woodThe durable nature of recycled plastic means it does not require maintenance. The product will keep its colour, and it’s guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years
Rot and Insect ProofLeft untreated timber will succumb to the destruction caused by wood boring insects and/ or fungusRecycled plastic is resistant to all wood boring insects, algae and bacteria that typically cause problems for timber furniture. We guarantee our recycled plastic will never rot, even in the harshest of weather conditions
WaterproofTimber is a naturally porous material and will absorb or release moisture depending on weather conditions. This can result in the wood splitting, warping, cracking and becoming distortedThe non-porous makeup of recycled plastic means water cannot penetrate the material which often is the cause for splitting, warping, twisting and distortion seen in untreated timber. Furniture can be left outside all year round, without the risk of damage to the material
Crack, Chip and Splinter proofWhen the moisture content in wood is changed, it causes the wood to shrink and swell which results in splits and cracks. This is especially common in timberThe robust nature of recycled plastic means it will not splinter, crack or chip. This ensures it is safe for children to use and will last much longer than its timber equivalent
Easy to CleanCleaning outdoor wooden furniture can be an arduous task and depending on the timber, occasionally it will be required that the wood should be sanded down and treated with a sealantWiping the product down with warm soapy water will remove any dust, dirt or pollen that has accumulated
Tough and DurableOn average a timber bench will need to be replaced every 4-5 yearsOur products are guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years against natural defect; however there is no reason as to why recycled plastic products shouldn't last a lifetime

Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, our extensive range of furniture offers fantastic value for money. Our products are built to withstand all weathers, are completely maintenance free, will not splinter or rot and can last up to 5 times longer than timber!

We guarantee all of our manufactured recycled plastic products for 25 years and have some great money saving offers across the range!

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